a mama’s prayers on the eve of high school

I usually just get this feeling right before New Year’s – that feeling like it’s time for some changes, a fresh start and lots of possibilities. There’s a lot of change in store this year at the Cozy Cottage. Anna will turn five in December – with that milestone comes preparing for kindergarten and sending… Continue reading a mama’s prayers on the eve of high school

day 14 – #30daysofgratitude

Simon and I will meet with the instrument rental folks at school tonight to discuss upgrading his saxophone for high school….HIGH SCHOOL! This is one of my little moments of legacy – I played clarinet and then saxophone from 5th grade into college. My best friends, a couple of boyfriends (so what if I was… Continue reading day 14 – #30daysofgratitude

balancing act

Parenthood isn’t hard just because of the sleepless nights, the worry, the constant activity of little kids and the constant shuttling of older ones. Parenthood is hard because we’re trying to instill in our kids a value system, the foundations of their faith, character traits like courtesy, respect, commitment, integrity, kindness. It’s not just balancing… Continue reading balancing act