a mama’s prayers on the eve of high school

I usually just get this feeling right before New Year’s – that feeling like it’s time for some changes, a fresh start and lots of possibilities. There’s a lot of change in store this year at the Cozy Cottage. Anna will turn five in December – with that milestone comes preparing for kindergarten and sending… Continue reading a mama’s prayers on the eve of high school

happy wife, happy husband

If there’s anything I’ve learned in these 16+ years of marriage, it’s that happiness is a choice. There’s no shortage of ugly examples of marriage – lying, cheating, painful reminders that we’re just people doing the best we can to stay married. And sometimes, in the rough times, the promise we made is all that… Continue reading happy wife, happy husband

why I love my husband…the never-ending list

About a year ago, I found a blog that truly inspires me – the Happy Wives Club. Truth be told, I wasn’t at a particularly awesome place in my marriage. In fact, I was worn thin and we were frustrating each other quite a bit, if I recall. After meeting with a friend for some… Continue reading why I love my husband…the never-ending list

void of rocks and weeds

I’ve only stepped into the hobby of gardening just this past summer, so I have a smallish appreciation for Time-Warp Wife’s affinity for time with her hands in the dirt. I’m actually praying for a deeper love affair with the whole gardening scene. I have these romantic notions of growing our own herbs and vegetables… Continue reading void of rocks and weeds