you’ve come a long way, baby

If you aren’t me, then you know my type. I’m a firstborn daughter and I’m good at it. I have type-A perfectionist, high-responsibility tendencies. I was the honor student. I’m fiercely loyal and protective. I’m determined and I don’t give up easily. I’m a Consumer Reports reader, a list maker. A terrible candidate for risk,… Continue reading you’ve come a long way, baby

of fajitas and love

February has been the fastest month on record for our little family. Obviously, it’s literally a short month, but it’s so packed with activities that we haven’t even actually celebrated Valentine’s Day yet. (We’re hoping to correct this in a couple of days.) The hubs and I have been ships passing in the night –… Continue reading of fajitas and love

cookin’ revolution

So with Simon’s recent diagnosis, this mama is changing the way we eat. This concept was met with MUCH resistance. But when it comes to health, there is no “maybe we’ll try it”. For us, it’s a lifestyle change – low dairy, high fiber/whole grains, and the meals need to be as “real” as possible.… Continue reading cookin’ revolution

do or do not…there is no try

After a couple of months of consideration, we’ve decided that we need to just make a decision and give it our full effort. Our family is going gluten-free for the month of October.  I don’t know exactly how that will work, yet, but I’m inviting you along for the journey. You see, our oldest son… Continue reading do or do not…there is no try

tres chic crock pot chicken

Now that we’ve got about a month of school under our belts, this mama has a better handle on how the schedule is going to go down from evening to evening. We are very careful to limit our kids’ activities to make time for family and stave off the frazzled family syndrome. But even with… Continue reading tres chic crock pot chicken