of fajitas and love

February has been the fastest month on record for our little family. Obviously, it’s literally a short month, but it’s so packed with activities that we haven’t even actually celebrated Valentine’s Day yet. (We’re hoping to correct this in a couple of days.) The hubs and I have been ships passing in the night –… Continue reading of fajitas and love

joy on a cookie sheet

The weather outside is a little less than my ideal of delightful (snow), but at least it’s not near 70 degrees again today. Regardless of the temperature outside, I’m finally starting to feel a little Christmasy. And since my posts have been all deep and serious lately, I think it’s high time to lighten up and… Continue reading joy on a cookie sheet

do or do not…there is no try

After a couple of months of consideration, we’ve decided that we need to just make a decision and give it our full effort. Our family is going gluten-free for the month of October.  I don’t know exactly how that will work, yet, but I’m inviting you along for the journey. You see, our oldest son… Continue reading do or do not…there is no try

home cookin’ on a workin’ girl’s schedule

Last night, I was looking ahead to the week and planning out our menu. It’s not a specific “on Tuesday we’ll eat this” kind of menu, but more like seven meals that can be made on whichever night feels right for eating them. Although it’s still well into the 90s, I’m starting to drift into… Continue reading home cookin’ on a workin’ girl’s schedule