apple works familyMy name is Kristen.

I’ve been married to my college sweetheart (Matt) for just over 16 years now and we have three amazing little to not-so-little people so show for it – Simon is nearly 14 (in green), Jonah is 11 (in gray at far left) and Anna is our nearly 4 year old later addition – a story all of her own. We juggle the responsibilities of a two-income household with both of us working full-time outside the home and then rushing home to shuttle to the day’s activities – scouts, football, golf, basketball, church – did I miss anything?

Each day I’m learning more about what it takes to be the kind of wife, mom, worker, daughter, sister and friend that God yearns for me to be. I cook as healthy as I can, daily. We do not live on frozen pizzas or take-out because I whole-heartedly believe that even though I work to help support this delicate eco-system, my number one calling is to my family and my home.

I carry a significant amount of inadequacy, worried that I’m missing the mark on so many levels –

Are my kids missing out because I have to work?

Are they sad I’m not room mom at school?

What if I have to *gasp* purchase the snack instead of making some Rachael Ray treat?

Is my husband neglected?

Do I appreciate my blessings?

Am I growing in my walk with Jesus…and building up my husband…and training our children to have their own relationship with God?

The list goes on…I might need therapy.

So instead of beating myself up about how far I have to go (or paying for that aforementioned therapy), I’m choosing today to focus on real, true joy that can’t be found in a picture perfect marriage, a spotless house or even adorable kids, but in Jesus Christ.

Maybe I’m not hanging out in the right haunts, but it seems to me that there’s a little room to be claimed as a voice for the harried mom and wife who can’t be at home with the crafts and the homeschooling. I adore all kinds of bloggers, but there isn’t one that I can totally relate to, so maybe you can relate to me. So each day I’m going to purpose to find something to do or appreciate and share with you.

When I’m looking for happy, I’m headed towards contentment. So that explains it. Here’s my journey to joyful.

If you have something to say, you can comment below or send me a message at journeytojoyful@gmail.com.

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  1. Hi Kristen! This is Mai at the Happy Wives Club and Fawn wanted to make sure you saw the note that our Thursday link up party has now moved to Marriage Mondays – beginning today. We want to get all our favorite married bloggers linking up every Monday so we hope you’ll join us.

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