to add to, not take away


For a long time, most of my life really, it didn’t really occur to me to observe the season of Lent. My protestant church didn’t make a big deal of the forty days leading up to Easter. For us, Easter began with Palm Sunday, went on through to Good Friday, and ended with the ham on Sunday afternoon. Being raised in a charismatic non-denominational church, we heavily emphasized the sin debt that Jesus paid for us on the cross that dark Friday and then we awoke at dawn, put on our Sunday best and headed out for a sunrise service on Easter Sunday to sing those inspired hymns celebrating how “up from the grave He arose!”

It was awesome.
I wasn’t missing a thing….until I felt like I was missing something.

Just a few years ago, I decided to study Lent. I got passionate about observing the tradition of giving something up for Lent, because I thought that was the ultimate way to demonstrate my appreciation, to suffer with Christ. I really wanted to give up something ugly I’d been nurturing in my life, something I inadvertently grew in my heart like bitterness toward someone, selfishness of my time, a bad habit. I wanted to give up those things, to die with Christ.

Now, with just a few seasons of observing Lent under my belt, my focus is again shifting.

Nothing is as consistent as change, right?

This year, I’ve really been burdened to take ON something that God would want me to add to my relationship with Him.

Ready for a confession?

Truth is, for as much as I’m strong in some areas of my faith, in others I’m lacking…miserably. The worst of my un-disciplines is quiet time with God, my devotions, daily meditation on His Word…whatever you call it, I don’t do it consistently. I’m a harried, frazzled mess when it comes to any type of lasting commitment to being in the Word, studying, learning, wrestling, growing.

I know it.

GOD knows it.

I don’t mean this flippantly, by why hide it?

So, in addition to coming back to my blog after a ridiculously long period of silence, I’m ADDING something for this season of Lent that is intended to become a habit, a practice, an integral part of my grown-up life.

I really want to go deeper into the woods in this journey and not just take the medium difficulty trails.

I want to get lost in there and count on Him to guide me through.

I want to go where my feet would never wander.

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