day 30 – #30daysofgratitude

Wrapping up November, I have to admit that it’s sad to see this gratitude exercise end. Taking the time each day to think of something that I’m thankful for is a real blessing!

Just after my faith in God and my husband, I’m most thankful for this trio – my Jonah, Anna and Simon. I love this moment in front of our tree – a rare one in which all three are looking in the same direction and smiling! Not only am I so very blessed to share my life with their Dad, but I was blessed over and over and over each time God saw fit to grow our family. Each of them brings a special light and flare to the family.

Our Simon (at right) has been with us the longest, having taken us from couple to family in March of 2000. He’s our first pancake – the one we’re testing out, the trial one that’s the messiest. We’re stumbling through this parenting thing  and he’s our guinea pig! He’s a pretty easy-going guy. He’s smart and has a dry sense of humor. He loves God, country music, cowboy boots and the outdoors. He’s clumsy and sometimes shy and he’ll do amazing things when he can focus long enough.

Our Jonah (at left) is our middle man. He made Simon a big brother in October of 2002. Jonah is our ‘party in a person’ and is the free-spirit of the family. He had the benefit of coming along second. He’s a tough football lineman on the surface and a gentle spirit on the inside. Jonah wants everyone to play fair and be honest. He keeps us on our toes. He loves God, loud music with a good beat, sports and a good time. He’s going to set the world on fire!

And then there’s sweet Anna (in the middle). She’s our sprinkles on top who joined us in December of 2009. She’s the splash of pink this frat house needed! Anna is princess dresses and muddy toes – sweet and spicy, like her mama. She’s got her brothers wrapped around her fingers, too! Anna loves her Daddy and is her mama’s little chef. She’s eager to help and loves storytime and big adventures. We can’t wait to see who she becomes.

So, as the season of thanks wraps up and the wonder of Christmastime begins, it seems fitting to end with giving thanks for our kiddos. We work hard to give them the best of us. This December we’ll bake cookies and make gingerbread houses, shop for gifts and watch holiday movies. We’ll decorate and read of Jesus’ birth. We’ll see old friends and spend time with family from near and far. And we’ll do our best to soak it all in because December 2013, when they are still 13 and 11 and 3, can’t come again. #30daysofgratitude

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