day 29 – #30daysofgratitude

I’m thankful for our Black Friday tradition of hauling in the family Christmas tree and spending the day decorating. There are always plenty of deals to be had during the Christmas shopping season, but quiet times with just our five don’t just happen. I protect this day like a mama bear protects her cubs.

There will be no trips to the mall or get-togethers to attend for us. We can be found around our tree, reminiscing while we unpack stockings and unwrap keepsake ornaments of first Christmases and those that commemorate years in football or scouting or family vacations. My husband loads the holiday playlist to everyone’s ipods and phones and we snap sweet and goofy pictures of the mess.

Later that night, we’ll pick our first holiday movie of the season – this year it was “Elf”. Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is coming, with all the hustle and bustle and happy memories to come.

They’re only little for so long. The shopping can wait. #30daysofgratitude

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