day 19 – #30daysofgratitude

My parents fostered a get-it-done, do-it-yourself attitude in me that has serve me pretty well over the years. I’m not the kind to sit and wait for a hand-out. That independence is a quality I’ve always been proud of – figure it out and wai…t for no one to rescue me. But the more I learn from God about INTERdepence in His family – both being someone’s support and leaning on another for support – the more I realize that independence is really a distraction from God’s plan for us. There is NOTHING wrong with seeing a problem and solving it, but there IS a problem when stubbornness and pride keep us from allowing someone else to be a blessing in helping us out.
My husband knows that his wife can be fiercely independent – and he’s a saint for patiently waiting for me to get to the point I’ll admit I need a hand. But it’s when he’s gone that I realize that while I CAN handle things myself, God’s melting that part of me that DEMANDS that I work alone. Circumstances can build up walls of independence, but it’s a submissive heart – to the Lord, to His plan for marriage – that allows us to appreciate that two truly are better than one. #30daysofgratitude

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