day 13 – #30daysofgratitude

Giving thanks today for a mama who taught me to cook. She didn’t just teach me the basics like chopping, boiling and how to read a recipe, she taught me the invaluable skill of cooking from what’s in the pantry. She made sure that I knew how to plan a month of meals and how to get the best ingredients I can afford. Because of her, I enjoy cooking and my kitchen is the hub of our home. But it wasn’t until this year that I truly put those skills to the test, learning to make meals that would be healthy for Simon’s diet and still on par with all the tasty stuff we used to eat. Because she taught me to have confidence in the kitchen, we’re nearly a year down the road from those scary diagnosis days and I learned to cook healthier and tastier meals than I ever did before. So thankful for a mama who ignored my teenage attitude to teach me what I needed to know in the kitchen (and pretty much in life, too).
And speaking of cooking…I baked this little beauty to accompany our spaghetti on Monday night. I worked from this recipe for Italian Herb bread, but I tweaked it a bit by using whole white wheat flour and organic herbs and oils. It was easy and awesome!

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