day 11 – #30daysofgratitude

Plenty of men (and probably a few women I don’t know about) in my family have served in the military. I know that my grandfathers and my uncles served. But it wasn’t until my husband served in the Navy Reserve for about ten years that I truly got a firsthand appreciation for the role these very dedicated men and women play in the protecting the homeland and preserving our freedoms. Today, on Veteran’s Day, I’m thinking of my amazing friend Mary who is currently serving oversees. We pray for her safety, of course, but also for her heart that’s torn between her dedication to our country and the three little people she leaves at home with her husband while serving on this tour. A day of remembrance and some restaurant freebies is the very least we can do as a grateful nation. You’re in our prayers and our family is so very thankful for each one of you!

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