of fajitas and love

February has been the fastest month on record for our little family. Obviously, it’s literally a short month, but it’s so packed with activities that we haven’t even actually celebrated Valentine’s Day yet. (We’re hoping to correct this in a couple of days.) The hubs and I have been ships passing in the night –… Continue reading of fajitas and love

why I love my husband…the never-ending list

About a year ago, I found a blog that truly inspires me – the Happy Wives Club. Truth be told, I wasn’t at a particularly awesome place in my marriage. In fact, I was worn thin and we were frustrating each other quite a bit, if I recall. After meeting with a friend for some… Continue reading why I love my husband…the never-ending list

ashes, ashes, we all bow down

My first experience with Ash Wednesday came the first Easter season I worked for a Catholic charity. I had been nose-to-the-grindstone all morning and hadn’t really interacted with anyone in the office. When I finally did decide to walk down the hallway for a cup of coffee (what else?), I ran into a co-worker whose… Continue reading ashes, ashes, we all bow down

brownies, that is all

When you have nothing inspiring to draw from in the kitchen, turn to chocolate. Good plan, eh? It was a busier-than-usual week at the Cozy Cottage, so there’s not much culinarilly-inspiring to share. (I’m pretty sure I just made up that phrase. Feel free to use it.) I went back to the well on the… Continue reading brownies, that is all