void of rocks and weeds

I’ve only stepped into the hobby of gardening just this past summer, so I have a smallish appreciation for Time-Warp Wife’s affinity for time with her hands in the dirt. I’m actually praying for a deeper love affair with the whole gardening scene. I have these romantic notions of growing our own herbs and vegetables – rooted in the dreams of using the harvest for one of my recipes. I’m far more passionate about the actual bounty than the hard work of the planting and weeding and tending to that a garden requires. But isn’t that how we are?

Today, Darlene draws from her love of gardening, likening a pure heart to “a garden void of rocks and weeds. It’s a heart unaffected by anger, resentment, and doubt. It’s loving someone with only the best of intentions.” That’s interesting. Just like gardening, marriage takes time, tending and commitment to clear out the stuff that chokes out the love – the hurt feelings, the misunderstandings, the distractions.

Today’s Vow: I Will Love You With a Pure Heart
The Challenge: Keep the lines of communication open so that you can talk with your husband  about the things that are on your heart. Nip anger in the bud by letting go of it instead of allowing it room to grow.

I can’t think of any hurt feelings or anger that’s growing up in weeds, but I do know that I get distracted easily. Loving someone with the best of intentions is great, but if I’m not passionately tending to that garden, that relationship, the garden will suffer. It might survive, but who wants a marriage that just barely makes it through alive? I want a Better Homes & Gardens cover photo quality garden of a marriage!

Today is a good day. Why? Because I’m feeling the effects of purposefully making time to watch a movie with my husband. Sure we had to watch it over two nights, after 10pm, taking the risk that the sick kiddo or the toddler would wake us up sometime during that abridged night. We were willing to sacrifice a little sleep to laugh together. It made a difference. We tended to our marriage and there’s an immediate effect.

So, today I vow to remember to love with a heart that is pure, reducing distraction whenever possible. I vow to weed out the bad stuff by talking it out. I vow to give our marriage the attention it needs to grow. And, I vow to remember that our family started with two before it became five, and those two need time together to be a better team to raise the three. (serious math there, huh?)

Because when we’re older and the kids are grown up, I don’t want to wonder how much closer we’d be if we’d just chosen us once in a while.

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