looking up

Wouldn’t it be great if my husband could be as perfect as I am? *snort* Seriously, though…that’s how I act sometimes. It’s easy to pick out flaws, see the frustrating things in others; it’s way harder to remember that I am flawed and frustrating TO others. Grace. We all want it. Oh, that we can offer it as freely.

Time-Warp Wife’s Day 2 vow and challenge:


Today’s challenge included a story – her description of perspective in a storm was really stunning. Before and after a storm, she took to twitter and noticed how many people were talking about the aftermath – the downed trees, the mess. She remembered going outside just before the storm and noticing the sky. She looked up.

stormy skiesThe picture I chose today seemed to illustrate that really well. It’s from a storm in Millsbury, Ohio – one that destroyed 50 homes that day. Just moments after the storm rolled through, while many were looking down and around and lamenting the damage, this photographer looked up and caught this image. Pretty amazing, huh? Stunning what we’re missing while we’re focused on the mess. We’re missing beauty, peace, a promise that God’s still there, that the storm has passed and we’re still here.

 “When we look at our husbands, what do we see? Are we looking at a caring compassionate man who struggles against temptation? Or are we too focused on his flaws to see anything else? ”

Grace. It’s all about accepting the gift my Father entrusted me with and protecting it, caring for it like the treasure that it is. My husband, my marriage is a gift…a gift that I can sometimes take for granted. As often as I am thankful in my heart and in my prayers for this man, I need to show him, tell him, and choose to see the rainbow instead of a few downed branches.

Today I vow to accept his flaws with understanding and grace, knowing that this marriage is stronger because we do that for each other.

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