new resolve

everythingJanuary – it’s the month of new…new calendars, new habits, new resolve. I love the month of January. It’s a real take stock time of year for me. I can look back and be grateful and look ahead and dream. You see, when all of those facebook gratitude posts start filling up my news feed in November, I start thinking about how I can use the time and the resources that God gives me to do better and be better in the next year.

Resolutions get a bad rap because the average lifespan of a resolution is about 27 days – I know this because my fave morning dj shared this tidbit on the Morning Mindbender this morning. I’m not a typical “New Year’s Resolutions” type of gal, though. I compile a list of 50 things I want to do, work on, try, learn and change and then I just go about living my life. Every so often, I glance at my list (usually tucked in the pages of my Bible) and see how I’m doing, maybe pick a few things to work on or just plain do. My list isn’t designed for 27 days or less approach. Some things on the list won’t happen – they are called “goals” for a reason. In a perfect world, I’d check ‘em all off. In MY world, I’ll be thrilled to do a 1/3 of them and see my life change for the better.

So, here’s my top 50 goals for 2013, in no particular order

  1. Lose 5 pounds each month (if this happens, I’ll be 60 POUNDS to the less by 2014)
  2. Memorize 2 Bible verses each month with the Siesta Scripture Memory Team
  3. Pack the boys’ lunches each evening
  4. Kiss my husband hello, good-bye & good night (this is sadly easy to forget to do after 15 years & 3 kids)
  5. Start once-a-month date nights (sadly, we’re on the once per quarter, if that, plan)
  6. Speak more kindly/less sarcasm
  7. Plan ahead – calm down the frantic rush
  8. Join Spring & Fall life groups at church
  9. Give up soda, period.
  10. Learn to use a sewing machine
  11. Keep a prayer journal – all these random notes & lists have GOT to go!
  12. Get new glasses & sunglasses (4 years is TOO long to put this off)
  13. Gather at the table for meals (full disclosure – we use tray tables embarrassingly too often)
  14. No tech after 7pm to focus on family time
  15. Teach our toddler to sleep
  16. Attend a Christian women’s conference
  17. Fall in love with my crockpot (this harkens back to #7)
  18. Establish a Christmas Fund so we’re not scraping up funds in November
  19. Make Friday nights fun family nights – not collapse after a long week nights
  20. Embrace the cash envelope system
  21. Plan & budget for a small spring break trip
  22. Find a family devotion plan that works for us & do it
  23. Host friends once a month/share our blessings, be they ever so humble
  24. Learn to knit
  25. Watch “Casablanca” and “An Affair to Remember
  26. Get that debt snowball rolling again
  27. Learn how to pray with my husband
  28. Paint. EVERYTHING.
  29. Find a new g.p. doctor – no more Minute Clinics
  30. Spend time with each kid – “date” days – one kid per month
  31. Blog twice a week
  32. Switch up the kids’ bedrooms
  33. Share the work – responsibilities/chores for everyone
  34. Try a new meal each week – get out of the rut
  35. Plan a getaway for us as a couple
  36. Plant a garden
  37. Make a menu center
  38. Give our bedroom a makeover (less clutter, more retreat)
  39. One non-errand activity a week for just me
  40. Stick to bedtimes so we get time as grown-ups to watch a television show, talk, read & just wind down at the end of the day
  41. Establish a Saturday cleaning hour where we get serious about scrubbing, with a set time limit
  42. Spend time with our parents – not just on holidays – a once-a-month visit, rotating his & my family
  43. Organize the garage
  44. Find a hobby with the hubby
  45. Clean out/sort out/throw out all the closets
  46. Read a book a month
  47. Revive the Household Organization Binder (here’s the concept – mine went into hibernation around October)
  48. Plan for Valentine’s Day
  49. Buy a new kitchen table & chairs (we’re in DEFCON 2 here, friends)
  50. Order actual photos of all of those snapshots saved on Shutterfly!

One thought on “new resolve

  1. I love this post, Kristen. I know I mentioned it on Charity’s FB page, too, but I wanted to thank you for it. 🙂 I think you’re a pretty fantastic writer, so keep it up, please.

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