cookin’ revolution

So with Simon’s recent diagnosis, this mama is changing the way we eat. This concept was met with MUCH resistance. But when it comes to health, there is no “maybe we’ll try it”. For us, it’s a lifestyle change – low dairy, high fiber/whole grains, and the meals need to be as “real” as possible.… Continue reading cookin’ revolution

two are better than one

To love, to listen, to walk through this life together – three Ultimate Marriage Vows I hadn’t had the time to read about until this morning. And again, I find myself smiling in my soul because I knew that I wasn’t intended to read them until just today. I needed a couple of days to… Continue reading two are better than one

keeping his heart safe

Men are traditionally scripted as the defenders, the protectors, the warriors. Women trust them to secure our homes and squish the spiders. We want them to respond to the noises in the night. We expect them to step in harms way for us. We also expect them to defend our honor, our hearts. We girls expect… Continue reading keeping his heart safe

void of rocks and weeds

I’ve only stepped into the hobby of gardening just this past summer, so I have a smallish appreciation for Time-Warp Wife’s affinity for time with her hands in the dirt. I’m actually praying for a deeper love affair with the whole gardening scene. I have these romantic notions of growing our own herbs and vegetables… Continue reading void of rocks and weeds

to trust and to follow

Guess I’m going to have to jump into today’s vow and challenge with both feet, because I’ve got to admit that I have struggled with this one all morning. You see, the best way to approach this one is to admit that we both struggle in this area. My husband is a good man. He’s… Continue reading to trust and to follow