playing well with others


Not a favorite topic of mine, those politics. I find the whole system pretty off-putting. I’m not a fan of mudslinging and accusation hurdling. Guess that comes with the whole “trying to be more like Jesus” path I’m trying to walk. I won’t say that ALL politicians behave negatively. I definitely won’t say that Republicans are good and Democrats are bad. I don’t buy that.

I know plenty of good people with conflicting opinions. Politics don’t make a person. But I will tell you that your personal beliefs do, and who you align with politically does tell me a lot about you. Maybe that’s an assumption on my part, but they don’t call it a political “statement” or “stance” for nothin’.

I’m not a Republican. *gasp*

I’m not a Democrat.

I don’t align with a political party. Maybe it’s a little bohemian of me, but I consider myself party-less. I’m fiscally Conservative and maybe a little more socially middle-of-the-road than you might expect. Although, I have to say that I do not believe in entitlements and hand-outs or a woman’s “right” to her body (she should have thought of those BEFORE creating a life).

I say all of this because this is my place to think and to vent and I have to say that I’m feeling a little pent-up today. I find it terribly distasteful when Christians bicker and argue over politics. I get a little sick to my stomach when I listen to name calling and ranting.

Just…not…Christ-like, kids!

We can have and express opinions without proving someone else is wrong. We have a responsibility to consider others better than ourselves. Winning at the emotional expense of others isn’t much of a victory.

What I can say is that while I’m completely vanilla on the thought of Mitt Romney, I’ll admit that he got my attention (and got me a little jazzed) with the VP pick, Paul Ryan. I’ve just had a feeling like he might actually have something more to contribute than “you’re wrong, we’re right!” He seems to have some good ideas, although some would have you believe otherwise.

So, what’s my plan? It’s a little boring and quite time-involved. I’m actually researching the candidates – both Mitt and Paul – to see what they are about. Truth is, they’ll get my vote no matter what because I just don’t think our country is going anywhere but into the pockets of foreign investors and into the path of socialism without a change FROM the Obama path. I’m actually reading Ryan’s 99-page “Path to Prosperity”.

[pet peeve #53 – commenting on the contents of someone’s “plan” without reading it…just quoting from the Huffington Post or other such sources DO NOT COUNT.]

Best as I can tell, my purpose in life is to joyfully support my husband and raise my children. I do that by always pointing them to the cross, covering them in prayer and making wise choices concerning them. In this political season, an extension of that mission is to do my part to elect the right candidate to office and to behave well in expressing my opinions along the way.

I’m a reflection of my God and on my husband. I’m an example for our children. It’s worth investing the time to get it right.

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