home cookin’ on a workin’ girl’s schedule

Last night, I was looking ahead to the week and planning out our menu. It’s not a specific “on Tuesday we’ll eat this” kind of menu, but more like seven meals that can be made on whichever night feels right for eating them. Although it’s still well into the 90s, I’m starting to drift into the comfort foods sections of my favorite sites and blogs. You know, the ones with the crockpot recipes and baked meals. I’ve developed summer food fatigue – salads and all things grilled. My mouth (and my tummy) is yearning for chili and ribs and stew.

So, although I can’t dive headlong into those kinds of meals quite yet, I did opt for a yummy crockpot dinner I’m planning on making tomorrow night – barbeque ribs! Just slice some potatoes into wedges, brush with olive oil and sprinkle with seasoning salt and bake ’em at 400 for about 30 minutes. Since I work 7:30am-4pm (with a 30-minute commute), I need to plan ahead to get a home-cooked meal on the table each night. I’m a big fan of the crockpot – and a super fan of The Crockin’ Girls. These fun chicks have their site, a facebook page and a pinterest board just bursting with recipes for any family’s tastes…and I use them regularly.

Here are a couple of my faves, starting with the ribs I mentioned before. Just click the pics to get the recipes. You’ll be happy you tried them!

BBQ ribs – our family does the boneless, no mushrooms/no wine version. TASTY!

tortilla soup – we use chicken breasts instead of thighs & 2 cans of white beans instead of chick peas

party potatoes – we add a package of Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning during the cubed potatoes step = A-MAZING!

apple crisp – a Fall must!

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