when honesty becomes ranting

A night or so away will give a girl time to think, time to count her blessings, time to to a look at how she’s treating those blessings and whether or not THEY realize they are cherished. I know they know I love them. But I’ve realized that I’ve fallen into that daily grind kind… Continue reading when honesty becomes ranting

pressing the pause button

August – the eighth month of the year. The beginning of middle school and then end of elementary school for us…at least until Anna arrives on the school scene in three years. The beginning of golf and football seasons. The beginning of another year of cub scouts and the continuation of boy scouts. The beginning… Continue reading pressing the pause button

more than artificial fruit flavors

Girls are complicated beings, contradictions in design. I am sensitive, but resilient. I am eager to connect, but hesitant to put myself out there. I am simultaneously confident and insecure. I am intelligent enough to discern a poor relationship, but so fiercely loyal that I will endure the pain of repeated heartache and disappointment in… Continue reading more than artificial fruit flavors

with a little help from my friends

I’m a busy, sometimes too busy, lady. I work full-time outside the home. I have a husband and three kids. We try to avoid overscheduling, but with two of the three kids in school, even with just one or two activities each, we end up pretty busy. We try to join small groups in church.… Continue reading with a little help from my friends

playing well with others

Politics. Not a favorite topic of mine, those politics. I find the whole system pretty off-putting. I’m not a fan of mudslinging and accusation hurdling. Guess that comes with the whole “trying to be more like Jesus” path I’m trying to walk. I won’t say that ALL politicians behave negatively. I definitely won’t say that… Continue reading playing well with others